Insider FishFood

Insiders purchase stock because they believe the stock price will rise and that they will make money. They have knowledge about the health of their company that isn't represented in forms and filings. This is not new news to most of you; nor is that fact that very often when insider buying is discovered, more people follow and the stock price goes up. The key is to follow the insider and get your purchase in before others drive up the price. At this point you have three options:

  • Sell quickly after the "wave" finishes.
  • Keep the stock for long term in belief that this is just the start.
  • Do nothing.
These are decisions you must make after receiving the insider information. For insider purchases, we report it to you if the total purchase is over $100,000. For insider sells, we report it to you if the total sell is over $500,000. We believe that insiders sell stocks for many reasons and that the timing of that is somewhat random. So even though we report insider selling, we believe that purchases are more meaningful then sells. We programmatically scan the SEC database and then send you the information via email. We provide you information as quickly as possible in our real-time report which is available with our premium service.

Insider Basic FishFood:
  • Daily email summary at night with all the days' significant insider trades; purchases over $100K and sells over $500K.
  • Monthly email summary of the insider trades.
  • Monthly email summary of the top performer's insider purchases.
Insider Premium FishFood:
  • Everything in the Insider Basic FishFood service.
  • Real-time email notification of significant insider purchases as they are filed on the SEC database. Email includes (when applicable and possible):


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